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Hugo Isbouts

Hugo Isbouts



Hello, my name is Hugo Isbouts, I’m an Intern for Edmondson’s IT Services. I’m 17 years old and I live in the Netherlands. Back home I go to ROC ter AA which is in Helmond, and there I am on a Marketing and Communication course. My internship last for 10 weeks and after that I will go home and finish the last year of education.

My job role will be marketing for Edmondson’s IT Services website, to attract more people to the site. This will challenge me as I will be constantly learning as I work. This will benefit me greatly for future prospects.

When I have spare time I like to play football, my football club is called SPV Vlierden. I play as a left/right back for the 3rd senior team. When I don’t play football you can find me near the Oche as I love to play some darts, in which I play competitively with my friends. When I’m not doing any of those two I’m working at Nobis, which is a hotel in Asten. At the weekend I can be found in a bar with my friends.


Hugo Isbouts


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