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Driverless Cars To See Around Corners?

Driverless Cars To See Around Corners?
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Driverless Cars To See Around Corners?

To celebrate #TechTuesday, we’re here to talk about one of the newest developments in technology. This week there has been talk about the technology that allows driverless cars to see around corners.

Yes, you heard me right, a car that can see around corners.
A team of researchers from Stanford University have developed a new laser-based system that produces images of objects that are hidden around a corner. But how on earth can this be possible you ask?

A laser is shone sone at a wall where the light reflects off, hit an object around the corner and then returns to be detected by the sensing equipment. Then, using the data from this process, an image will be created to alert the driver. However, it currently takes the laser scan between 2 minutes to an hour depending on conditions, something which researchers are looking to improve on of course.

This isn’t the first ever technology to be created with this in mind, but it is, in fact, the most effective and efficient at producing images than previous attempts.

It said that this technology can be used in driverless cars to avoid collisions with unseen hazards or in aerial vehicles to see through foliage. It could even be used in search and rescue operations, to identify people that may not be in visible sight.

Dr Anna Anund, who is leading an EU-funded project focused on developing software for driverless car sensor systems, said that it incredibly important for autonomous cars to be able to see hidden objects.

“The automated vehicles need to be able to predict and detect what is happening ahead. This is not only what is going on in their own lane but also in the surroundings like pedestrians paths, on the other side of the corner etc”.

Your opinion…

We would love to hear your opinions on this new technology, as well as the idea of driverless cars. Personally, I am unsure about the thought of not been in control of my own car, but however, it could potentially be a lot safer on the roads.

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